Friday, August 17, 2007

Willkommen! Dachau and great Bavarian food.

When we arrived in Munich we all felt kind of gross from sleeping in such compact quarters and having to dress again without showering. We walked to our hostel which was only a block away from the train station and tried to check in only to find our room wasn’t ready yet. We sat in the lobby using the free wifi (YAY!) and looking at things to do in Munich while we waited. This hostel was great. The room was clean and big, the beds were comfy, we had a sink in the room, keycards for access to the upstairs area and the elevator and to the rooms themselves for extra security, in room lockers, free wifi, a free tour of the city, a bar for those 2:00 AM Coca-Cola runs, and was in a great location. Well worth the money we spent. Anyway we finally checked in and decided to go visit the Dachau memorial site with a tour group. We stopped at a minimart to get some snacks (Toblerone, Milka chocolate bars, Haribo gummy bears, a bottle of Coke, and a bottle of Evian) and went to meet up with the tour group.

For something like 18 euros we got a tour guide for Dachau and our train and bus reservations and fees taken care of. It was a short ride to the memorial since the concentration camp was just on the outskirts of Munich. Our guide told us the history of the place and how it came to be and how it was compared to the other concentration camps and basically everything we needed to know about Dachau. It was a very interesting tour and not a lot of people talked for the duration of the trip. After our trip was over we asked the people at the front desk of the hostel where a good place to eat would be. They recommended a place called the Augusteiner Brauhaus about 7 blocks from the hostel. We set out to find the place but forgot the map so we walked all the way back to get another one and realized that we had turned around just one block too soon. So we walked all the way back out and went the extra block and found the place. We all got some really great food and a fun atmosphere. Vanessa and I had Bavarian steaks with French Fries and Debra got duck and horse radish. The food was the best we’ve had so far on our trip and really cheap. All of our food cost about 8-10 euros a piece for big, hearty pieces of meat. It’s worth mentioning too that this was the first good food we’d had in awhile since in Paris everything cost 10x what it does in Munich and we pretty much just ate bread and cheese the whole time we were there. After dinner we walked back to the Hostel and fell asleep early.


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