Monday, August 27, 2007

There’s More Here than Chocolate and Watches

We woke up late again like usual and checked out of our hostel by 10:00. We went to the train station and sat down to wait for our train to get in. We went to a minimart in the train station to buy snacks and we came across the adult magazine section. Most of the magazines were hidden but the one that was sticking out was called 60 and Older. Vanessa opened it up and gasped and I laughed. Debra didn’t find it too amusing either. They were repulsed and I laughed. Women. I got some more Gummi Bears and we caught our train heading to Basel with a stop at Zurich HBF.

The train ride was very long. At least 6 hours. Towards the edge of Austria near Bludenz we had to get off the train and ride to the next stop by bus because the tracks were under construction. The bus was really hot and it was raining outside and they were uncomfortable and smelly and the bus ride went through tunnel after tunnel so we couldn’t see anything and it was bad all around. We got into Bludenz and got back on the train and waited a few more hours until we got in to Zurich HBF. The whole train ride this other American girl sat with us and talked nonstop about how she had been traveling for a month and a half now and it was her last summer before college and she was going to some noname college in Boston and this and that and was incredibly annoying and a complete spoiled idiot so I didn’t look up from my GameBoy until about 4.5 hours into the trip. When I got tired of playing that I pulled out my laptop and iPod and went right back to ignoring her while the girls continued conversing. I knew it was rude but I frankly didn’t care because she was an idiot not worth my time or attention and I’d never see her again. We parted ways with whatever her name was and hopped on the local S-Bahn headed towards Rapperswil to meet up with Peter at the Uerikon train station. I had never met him before so I wasn’t quite sure what to look for but we found each other pretty easily regardless so it was no big deal. He drove us over to his apartment and we began settling in.

His apartment overlooks Lake Zurich and the view from his balcony is amazing. We sat out there for awhile taking in the scenery as the rain came down on us and the sun was setting. We had a great meal of pasta and ground beef and we raided Carlo’s DVD collection and watched Cars. I fell asleep during Cars and went downstairs to go to sleep.


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