Monday, August 27, 2007

Luzern, Waterfalls, and Parks

Today we meant to get up early but nobody heard their alarms so we got a pretty late start on a long day of traveling. Carlo borrowed Peter’s car and planned to drive us to Luzern and Interlaken but we had gotten away too late to fit all of it in so we decided to head out and see how far we could get. We made some sandwiches with traditional Swiss cheese and meat and some fresh bread from the bakery before we left and grabbed a bottle of Coke and Fanta. We all piled into the car and headed out.

We drove down to Lake Zurich and took the car ferry to get across the lake. Once we cleared the lake we started driving through the hills and valleys towards Luzern. The drive took awhile since Luzern is a good distance away from Zurich but we were listening to American pop music from 10 years ago on the radio and enjoying the scenery. When we finally got to Luzern we parked and ran to the bathroom because girls have small bladders and then went to check out the town. We saw parts of the old town, we saw the old wooden bridge and the church, the lake, and the lion monument dedicated to the Swiss soldiers. It was all pretty touristy but it was nice regardless and we ate our sandwiches and gummi bears and chocolate bars by the lake. After sauntering around Luzern we got back in the car and decided to drive to the Trummelbach falls. The drive there from Luzern was also very scenic; driving up through the mountains and coming back down again into the valley. We saw lots of waterfalls that didn’t look like waterfalls but rather a river in freefall over the edge of a cliff. The water would fall off in a concentrated stream and as it fell it would scatter everywhere. We drove past a few that looked fun to explore and we kept heading towards Trummelbach.

When we reached Trummelbach we realized we were five minutes too late and it had already closed. Bummer. Next time I come to central Switzerland I’ll have to come back and check that out. We walked around the area checking out the snow capped mountains and enjoying the fresh, cold mountain air and got back in the car to drive back towards the other waterfalls that we had seen earlier. We stopped in a small town named Lauterbrunnen and hiked up to the big waterfall there. There is a path that leads you up the mountain side to right beside the waterfall so you could look out at the scenery and see the waterfall. It was a really nice view and everything was very green. A different kind of green than in NorCal or other places I’ve been in the US. The green here seemed more vibrant. After we took our photos we hiked back down and looked around in a cemetery because it looked really nice with rose gardens and old fashioned headstones. We saw a park behind the cemetery and went to play around inside on the swings and seesaw. After spending time in the park we began the long drive back to Zurich where Peter was making pasta for us. After eating dinner we watched Batman Begins and I made phone calls on Skype and poked around on the internet before going to bed.


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