Monday, August 27, 2007

(Lake) Zurich, Chocolate in 4.5kg sizes and a Ferryboat

Today we slept in since we now had a nice place to sleep and our own rooms. We got up and had a breakfast of cereal and delicious bread and butter and sparkling apple juice. After we got ready for the day we rode with Peter into Zurich and he took us to a grocery store. He bought us some good Swiss chocolate and showed us around the city. He took us to the ferry port and got us tickets to ride the ferry boat back to Rapperswil on Lake Zurich where he would pick us up and drive us back to Uerikon. He had to go to an appointment so he left us in Zurich to look around in the shops and to book our sleeper car reservation. We went into a Coop (pronounced Cope) because Vanessa needed a new purse but there was no way I was going to browse around the store with two girls purse shopping so I went downstairs to the grocery section and found a huge area set aside from Lindt and Toblerone and a bunch of other different brands of Swiss goodies. We found big Toblerone bars that came packaged with a Swiss flag and the mother load of all candy bars, the 4.5kg Toblerone bar. It cost 89 CHF and was enormous. We wanted to buy it just because it was so massive but we had nowhere to put it and that much chocolate would put us all into diabetic comas so we skipped out and went over to the ferryboat to ride to Rapperswil.

The ferry was pretty cold and it was drizzling so we sat outside for awhile before getting too cold and heading back inside to sit along the wall of the engine room to warm up. The ferry was an old steam powered paddle boat that they still use on the lake and so I watched the engine work for awhile and then we went out to the front of the boat to soak up some scenery. When we finally landed in Rapperswil I sent Peter an SMS to let him know we had arrived and we sat down to wait for him to come pick us up. My phone battery died so we called him again later from a payphone and poked around Rapperswil for awhile until he got there and drove us back to his place. We ate a big dinner of bratwurst, mashed potatoes, and bread and cheese and watched Madagascar from Carlo’s DVD collection and I got some WiFi so I made some phone calls and checked my email. The next day would be full of travels so we all headed off to bed around 1:00 AM.


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