Friday, August 10, 2007

In Transit

This morning I woke up after about two hours of sleep to thunder and
lightning and a massive downpour. It was about 4:30 AM. I got ready
for the day and hopped on the computer to check emails and stuff.
Debra and I called for a taxi and went outside to find it in the rain.

We finally found one and asked the guy to take us to the bus station
so we could catch the airport shuttle. When we told him where we
wanted to go he began cursing in spanish for who knows what reason and
drove us there. No tip for you buddy! We caught the shuttle and rode
out to the airport through the rain to catch our flight to Paris.
Debra's suitcase weighed too much for RyanAir's baggage limit so she
had to pay an extra 112 Euros. Ouch.

When we landed in France we had to take another shuttle into Paris
from the airport at Beauvais. This dropped us off at the Palais des
Congres on the upper west side of Paris. We took a taxi into
Montmarte to our hostel and ran into Vanessa at an internet cafe next
door. We had no idea how we were going to find her and she jumped out
at us right as we were walking by. We checked into our hostel and
unpacked our stuff. We have our own room with a private bathroom
which is really nice. We went to go find some food but everything
here costs 3x the normal price so we decided to go grocery shopping
for some inexpensive stuff. We ended up with some bread and cheese. When in Rome...

We were all really tired from various means of travel. Debra and I were wiped from waking up at 5 AM and flying into Paris. Vanessa had a long flight from the States into Paris. I fell asleep at about 9 PM and ended up getting 11 hours of sleep!


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