Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Transit, Salzburg, Small Town Charm

This morning we woke up late and checked out of our place in Munich. Munich was really a great city and I’m definitely looking forward to visiting it again in the future. We got ready for the day and headed to the train station and caught a midday train to Salzburg. I ran to the minimart before we left and bought a couple of Toblerones and Milka chocolate bars along with a few packs of Haribo gummy bears and a coke for the train ride. Nothing like eating healthy while on vacation. Anyway, when we arrived in Salzburg it was very humid and we couldn’t find the exit of the train station because the signs weren’t very helpful. We ended up following a large group of kids out one of the exits and got swamped in masses of teens who were apparently heading to a big outdoor festival with Tool and Kaiser Chiefs and Interpol. We couldn’t find our hostel because the directions were dependent on going out the correct exit so we asked around and eventually found the place. When we got there we saw the internet was down which was strike one against the place. No internet is no good in my book. We settled in and met our roommate who was from Sydney. After freshening up we went out on the town and ate a place that Rick Steves recommended in his Best of Europe 2005 book. After my dinner of fried chicken and French fries served Austrian style we walked around the shopping area and got some ice cream. After window shopping we headed back to the hostel and went to sleep early because we were wiped from traveling and the heat. Pretty laid back day.


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