Monday, August 27, 2007

Being Lazy

Today we all slept in. It was our last day in Zurich and we had planned to go to the Zoo but that didn’t happen. We all got ready for the day and had planned to go with Carlo to the Zurich station and catch the bus to the Zoo but we all got lazy and didn’t get ready in time. We said goodbye and thanks to Carlo as he headed back to Bern to guard the embassies there with the Swiss Army and raided Peter’s kitchen for food. We sat down and watched Ice Age 2 while we ate lunch. After that Vanessa started to get cabin fever and wanted to leave but I didn’t feel like going anywhere so I sat back down on the couch and popped in Lord of War to watch. After 10 minutes the girls came back because they couldn’t find the train station and Debra sat down to watch the movie with me while Vanessa grew increasingly restless. She ended up going crazy and going for a walk to get out of the house while Debra and I continued to watch the movie. After Lord of War finished I put in Inside Man and started to watch that. Vanessa came back to see us exactly where she left us an hour or two ago watching movies and Peter prepared risotto for us. We ate dinner and had some ice cream and finished the movie before we had to run to the train station and catch the S-Bahn to Zurich HBF and catch our sleeper train to Rome. We got there an hour early and waited around for the train. When we finally got onboard we realized that we shouldn’t have booked a 6 person couchette because there’s just not enough room. Debra and Vanessa have giant suitcases and there isn’t enough room for them much less other people. We somehow all managed to squeeze into the small room with luggage everywhere and I climbed onto my bunk at the top and lay down. I ended up having to get up and stand in the hallway because it was way too hot in the room with the overhead light on and 8 inches away from my face. Vanessa had the same problem because she was at the top too so we ended up going to the back of the train and sitting in front of an AC vent and playing cards. After awhile we both got tired and went back to sleep in the room that had thankfully cooled down a little but since the AC had been running and the door had been closed. We went to sleep knowing we would wake up in Rome the next morning.


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